Water Polo World - great site with up to date Water Polo News and Results

Midland Water Polo League - Midland League website Fixtures, Results, News ..

National Water Polo League - British National League website

Zwem Polo club Moby Dick Schoonebeek - Hosts of The Moby Dick Tournament

LEN Homepage - European Nation and Club competitions

FINA WATERPOLO - FINA Water Polo section

Australian Water Polo Inc. - Home Of Australian National Water Polo

Waterpolonline -Italian leagues

Water Polo Planet - the Alternative Voice for water polo information, news and opinions

Professional Water Polo - Water Polo DVDs, News and Clubs Registry

Dallas Water Polo Club - Water polo in Dallas, Texas

Ottawa Water Walkers Water Polo club - Ottawa's top Canadian League Water Polo team

ASA West Midland Region - Our Local Water Polo League

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